The 7 Top Reasons to Market with Direct Mail
It is Powerful: A decade ago, postal mailboxes were overflowing. Today it's the spam boxes and email trash bins that are filled to the brim with your unread messages. Today's direct mail campaigns truly stand out, with more than 70 percent of recipients reading all their postal mail on the day it is delivered.
It is Persuasive: Electronic media cannot deliver the persuasiveness of words and images in print, essential for high payoff campaigns.
It is Precise: Direct mail is the only way to be sure of reaching specific households or businesses in your targeted geographic area.
It is Personal: If you want to have a relationship with your customers, donors or supporters, direct mail provides the most believable personal communications.
It is Acted Upon: That's why direct mail remains the medium of choice for most philanthropies, political campaigns and many small businesses.
It is Measurable: You can track your responses and returns with maximum accuracy.
It is Preferred by your Audience: More than twice as many online donors say they were prompted to give an online gift in response to a direct mail appeal.


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